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If you’re reading this, then maybe you’re interested in joining us. Take a look below to find out what we are about and what we believe.

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current vacancies

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our business approach

we exist to enhance every organisations ability to endure so that they can stay in the game and realise their ambitions

We believe in a future where an organisations success is only determined by their contribution to our society, the spirit of their team and the will of their customers, because organisations have the resilience they need to overcome the challenges that try to stop them.

We can’t guarantee an organisations success but can work to make sure that they are not easily taken out the game and have every chance of achieving their ambitions. Which is why we help organisations use insurance to build their resilience. Resilience is about being adaptable, tackling challenges head on, knowing that you head into each day stronger than the last. Resilience enables organisations to be long lasting and gives them the confidence and security to invest in their future.

our environment

We make a commitment to everyone who joins our team…

whilst working with us you will become better skilled, have great opportunities, purposeful work and have a great time

this commitment means we are creating an environment with a focus on development and opportunity. An environment where there is:

  • purposeful intent – success does not happen without intent
  • pursuit of excellence – challenging ourselves to be the best we can be
  • a growth mindset – learning from everyday
  • participation – because action does not happen without participation


We look for the following traits in the approach of our team members: be resilient, be energetic, be ambitious, be consistent, be generous in spirit. 

Everyone who joins our team also needs to commit to be open, be accountable and create opportunities for others.

whatever the role, we like our team members to take opportunities to step up and achieve more