Whether you are looking for insurance to protect your business or your home our team have the knowledge to advise on the cover available and arrange insurance policies to meet your needs.

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Difficulties with premium payments

FINANCIAL PRESSURE – resulting from Covid-19. Covid-19 has resulted in uncertainty for both individuals and businesses and for some also financial difficulty. The Financial Conduct Authority is keen for the insurance industry, where possible, to offer support to those experiencing financial hardship and have introduced measures that may assist those facing difficulty. We may be (More)

First Aid and Furloughing

FIRST AID ASSESSMENT: With businesses on reduced staffing levels, it is possible first aid provision may have been affected. For example – if first aiders have been furloughed this might cause issues with complying with Health and Safety regulations. It is, therefore, worth reviewing and updating first aid assessments. Reduced Staff – If you have (More)

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At Qualitas, when it comes to our own service ethos, we work hard to follow The Golden Rule.

‘treat others as you would wish to be treated’

Our priority is to help you protect your business against the impact of incidents that would otherwise negatively affect your business income, profitability and effectiveness:

In doing so maintaining –

  • Continuity for your customers
  • Your employees livelihoods
  • The business value that you have worked hard to create