First Aid and Furloughing


With businesses on reduced staffing levels, it is possible first aid provision may have been affected. For example – if first aiders have been furloughed this might cause issues with complying with Health and Safety regulations. It is, therefore, worth reviewing and updating first aid assessments.

Reduced Staff – If you have fewer staff working because of furlough further action might not be necessary or for example you may need to consider suspending a high-risk activity.

Pooling Resources – An option might be to consider pooling resources with a business neighbour – consider the times and dates when they are available, the method of contacting them if you require their assistance, the qualifications they hold and that they have the skills and experience that you require for your business.

Expiring Certificates – The HSE have given a three-month extension on existing certificates for first aiders who are due refresher courses on or after 16th March 2020 and are unable to access a course.

source AXA / rradar 05/20