Allianz have identified the following measures that you could follow to minimise the risk to your premises:

Secure doors and windows against someone breaking in by making sure you set all security locking mechanisms.

Make sure you set any alarm systems, CCTV or any other protective devices you have.

Turn off mains services such as water and electricity (except for where they are needed to maintain intruder alarms, fire alarms or sprinkler systems). Where it is not feasible to turn off water you should keep a level of heating on to make sure your water pipes don’t freeze.

Dispose of any combustible materials such as post, cardboard boxes, pallets, gas bottles.

If possible inspect your premises every week both internally and externally and keep a record of the inspections.  This should help minimise the risk of theft and damage to your building, however please only follow this guidance if you’re not at risk of going against government advice on social distancing and avoiding non-essential travel.