Back up your service with insurance that will protect your business when you most need it.

As a professional firm you have particular insurance needs to protect you and your clients and meet regulatory requirements.

As well as covering your business against:

  • Employers and Public Liability claims,
  • Loss or damage to buildings and contents,
  • Interruption to your business

a professional firm also needs to protect itself against allegations that advice it has given is incorrect and has caused clients a financial loss.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY : As a professional firm customers are often acting or making decisions based on the advice or services you have provided.

However carefully business is conducted, professional status places responsibilities that cannot always be discharged to the total satisfaction of others. In such circumstances clients may wish to claim against you for the financial loss they allege they have suffered as a result of your work.

Whether the allegation is founded or not the cost of defending such a claim can be expensive and if proven the award and claimant’s legal costs could be disastrous to your business.

Professional Indemnity insurance, helps you to defend against such allegations and meet the costs and awards of valid claimants.

Other insurance policies we will advise you upon include


Our team at Qualitas will work with you to arrange the right insurance policies to help you in the event of possible future claims.  Call us today on 01684 217555 to find out more.


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