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Thank you to all our clients who have taken the time to provide feedback on our service.

Hulbert Dental ICT

Tony Hulbert
Managing Director

“Having worked with Colin for over 20 years in our various businesses, I can say that his responsiveness, wealth of knowledge and intuitive understanding of our business needs, has saved us time and money, well in excess of any premium we might pay for that level of service. I can wholeheartedly recommend Colin to anyone who values a more personal, partnered relationship with their business.”




Hedgehog Marketing 

Chris Redman
Managing Director

“Peter, thank you for your time today – the advice was sound and I am really relieved the transition to your company was so easy. I feel a lot happier now you are personally looking after all our company insurance and will definitely¬†recommend you to everyone I know. The fact you look after every policy for us makes it so much easier for me to deal with.”

J Sugden

“Colin has been looking after both my company and personal insurance interests for many years. He has always proved to be a knowledgeable, dedicated and responsive professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for honesty and best advice in what is a competitive and often misleading field.”