Aviva Commercial Vehicles – laid up cover

Laid up vehicles – Aviva Commercial Insurance Policies.

If you have taken the decision to register any of your vehicles as off the road (SORN) due to the impacts of COVID-19 – Aviva will, on request, provide support in the following ways:
(we expect other insurers to take a similar stance)

Motor Fleet and Minifleet.

Aviva will amend policy cover to reflect the ‘laid up’ vehicles and provide an appropriate return premium. This will apply to policies on both a ‘declaration’ basis and ‘as and when’ basis.

The vehicles will remain ‘laid up’ until you inform us you wish to place them back on full cover. At this time, an additional premium will be payable.

For policies subject to declaration Aviva will take into account any refund made when they calculate the final year-end declaration adjustment.

Please note, special type and agricultural vehicles are excluded from these arrangements.

Motor Trade.

Aviva will recalculate the premium by removing any vehicles that are notified as off road from the ‘Road Risks’ section and move them to the Property section (the Sums Insured will need to reflect the change).

As there’s no need to insure the vehicle for road use and any potential third-party claims, this will result in a return of premium.

Please note, this option is only available where the SORN vehicle is being stored at your commercial premises. When the vehicles are ready to go back on the road, Aviva can increase the cover back to the level you require.

If you would like to discuss any of these options please contact us